L'art du Cintrage

De l'esquisse de l'artiste, en passant la conception 3D pour arriver à l'oeuvre exposée à la FIAC 2011

Cette structure mécano-soudée a été réalisée par assemblage de pièces en tube de 25x1,5 combinant cintrage rayon court, rayon variable et roulage.

L'assemblage a été réalisé par soudage MAG et meulage pour faire disparaitre toute trace de procédé industriel.

Klein bottle for a blowgun (after Lévi-Strauss), 2011
Steel, wood, acrylic resin, clay, vegetal fibre 220 x 155 x 150 cm
Presented by Sultana, Paris

Bettina Samson was born in 1978. She lives and works in Paris. Bettina Samson’s sculpture is composed of three loops (steel covered with different layers of clay-like material) that represent the outline of a Klein bottle. In mathematics, the Klein bottle is a surface in which it is not possible to define the interior or the exterior as the bottle has no boundary and only one surface. The bottle is closely related to the Möbius strip that has only one side. Claude Lévi-Strauss, in The Jealous Potter (1985), described Native American myths structured like Klein’s bottle: travel stories in blowpipes, pipes, tunnels or bodies of mythical creatures in the form of Klein’s bottle. The bottle could also serve to explain the vision of sexuality in so-called “primitive” civilisations.